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Mark Brady posts on creating change by revealing organisations to themselves, which makes good sense to me.
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Mark Brady (fouroboros) observes:

You can’t change organizations. You can only reveal them to themselves. And they like what they see. Or not.

If they follow the “or not” path you can offer suggestions as to the alternatives that fit for them, and for what they believe. If they haven’t evolved to the point of knowing what they believe, you start there and the rest reveals itself.

I think the most powerful generator of change is a powerful acknowledgement of the the present. Clear and honest information about where we are now, and how our relationships stand, warts and all, will often lead to change in the moment, without resort to the “vision thing”. Sometimes the vision becomes a distraction from dealing with what Jim Collins calls the brutal facts.

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Johnnie Moore


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