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Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

I’d love to run a management course based entirely on lessons from Monty Python.

The subject of meetings could probably be covered simply with scenes from the Life of Brian. For example to cover the topic of action theatre (lectures on the importance of action that don’t really support action) I’d have to use this clip:

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Johnnie Moore


Leadership? Innovation? Knowledge Sharing? There’s so much said about all of these and much of it of the hand-wringing kind. As I’ve said before a lot of those conversations are

Johnnie Moore

Dwight’s on fire

Dwight Towers is on the warpath against meetings that promise interactivity and then stick to tired “sage-on-the-stage” formats.

Johnnie Moore

links for 2011-09-11

Mind the Gap « Innovation Leadership Network Tim Kastelle suggests that "innovation" can be a threatening idea for lots of people. It's worth thinking about the language we use in

Johnnie Moore

The Fosbury Flop

Another great post by Rob Paterson: Why change is difficult – The story of the Fosbury Flop. Reminds me of the Machiavelli quote There is nothing more difficult to take