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Blogs can pay

Ton Zijlastra shows me his new wiki with some great information about the business value of blogging.
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’ve just had a conversation with Ton Zijlstra, talking on Skype and seeing his face via Yahoo messenger and his webcam. He introduced me to his new Wiki. (Wiki: a website where a visitor can edit the pages). It includes a growing collection of stories of how blogging can help build business – well worth reading (and writing in!). Headings include:

The job interview

The business magnet

The business model

Hired as lecturer

The catalyst for self-transformation

Hired as researcher

Blogs can pay

I don’t think of myself as a design snob but Ton has made his Wiki look a lot nicer than the plain text ones I’ve seen and it certainly feels more inviting as a result.

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