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Sethaholism: A warning

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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It seems that these days people just can’t get enough Seth.

Time was, people might indulge in Seth in the privacy of their homes, and find this satisfying and productive and that was enough. Gradually, though, the need for more and more gratuitous Seth seems to grow and before you know it, people are at it everywhere, in public!

The addiction starts all too easily. At first, Seth is just something you hear about other people doing. Oh dear, I don’t fancy that, you think. But over time, things change and slowly you become aware of a longing to find out what having Seth is really like. You start asking questions, perhaps pretending to ask on behalf of a friend to try to distance yourself. But sooner or later you realise… you must try Seth myself… err I mean yourself.

It starts with just fondling the cover or tasting the opening paragraphs… but as we all know, it doesn’t stop there.

Now I realise that the world has gone Seth mad. Whilst this is no doubt a cause of considerable pleasure (especially to Seth) I’m increasingly concerned about the spread of Sethually Transmitted Infections.

These are usually heralded by garish colours which stand out painfully on your private bookshelf. Lately, they’ve mutated so that they can pass electronically as well. As it takes hold, your vocabulary gets taken over and in a weird riff on Tourette’s Syndrome you start bluring out words like “Purple Cow” in the middle of polite conversation.

Some people don’t take this too seriously… but beware, you could go bald!

Free Prize: A more serious review of Free Prize Inside will follow…

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