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There’s been a storm of comments about BzzAgent’s deal to promote Creative Commons. Peter Caputa has written something that just about captures my own view: essentially that criticism of BzzAgent is often overdone and a bit self-righteous. And that Dave Balter went a bit OTT in response (credit to him for subsequently apologising).

I’ve been self-righteous myself from time-to-time, it can be very satisfying in the short run to be so damn smart and so damn right. I know the pleasure of nailing up a forensic list of the 12 fatal flaws in other side’s position. This is the joy of advocacy over enquiry. But in the end, I find respectful dialogue is more sustainable. (Learning instead of problem-solving).

Peter also picks up this great insight from Kevin at Corante’s Many to Many:

I think this is because BzzAgents crosses the line between the two moral syndromes that Jane Jacobs identifies in Systems of Survival – the Guardian syndrome, which is based on loyalty and social groups, and the Commercial one, which is based on honest dealing and collaboration with strangers.

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