Reflecting on four years of unhurried conversations

Since 2014 I have run over a hundred Unhurried Conversations. These use a simple talking-piece process to allow participants to take turns to speak without being interrupted. I run them most often in a cafe, where any member of the public can join in (organised on Viv and I also use the process in […]


So in the next reflections video I talk a bit more about the wisdom of Monty Python when working with organisations… And here are the two clips I refer to. Blessed are the Cheesemakers… And Romanes Eunt Domus…

Embracing absurdity

The next little video in my series – on embracing the absurd when working with people.

Game of Thrones and the stories we tell ourselves

Here’s the latest in my reflections series. I love the show Game of Thrones and it strikes me that it highlights a few points about stories in organisations. We love them, but we get tripped up by them. Something to remember when working with people.


Another short video in my reflections series. This one is about working with people in an unhurried way…

Magic Feathers

The second video in this series of reflections on working with people. We sometimes create magic feathers things that seem to trigger more effective behaviour. But we risk turning them into idols at the expense of taking risks and making new discoveries.

Reflecting on trying to impress

I’m making some more little videos reflecting on the business of working with people. This first one was prompted by looking at the sales pitches of training companies at a conference/exhibition. I describe the event as exciting, but in a boring kind of way. It got me thinking about the urge to impress, and how […]