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Johnnie Moore

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I’ve just given a presentation on Beyond Branding in Jersey. It was fun to take ideas that have been percolating for months and give them a public airing.

It was a good excuse to go through months of notes and ideas and re-present the arguments. I realised how easy it is for me to think an idea is getting a bit tired – and then realise that for a fresh audience it’s exciting.

And – as always – I learn so much from the stories of participants which reinforced the stories and ideas of the book.

We had some fun going through some of the websites that challenge brands. I even got the audience a little excited when I showed them – though they quickly realised it was about NewJersey sucking, not this rather charming island.

I did an interview for the Jersey Evening Postafter the seminar. They got me to pose for a picture with a Mars Bar, as a visual reference about branding. I hope my co-authors forgive me!

Then this morning I spent time with a client from the seminar talking through ways they can use the principles to create a more human brand for themselves. They had already done a two-page internal memo as a result of the seminar… I got a kick out of that… seeing something I and a lot of others have been working on for many months getting out into the real world and having an impact!

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