Love and the connection of reason and emotion

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Dave Snowden writes about A General Theory of Love highlighting this passage:

Because mammals need relatedness for their neurophysiology to coalesce correctly, most of what makes a socially functional human comes from connection – the shaping physiologic force of love. Children who get minimal care can grow up to menace a negligent society. Because the primate brain’s intricate interlocking neural barriers to violence do not self-assemble, a limbically damaged human is deadly.

I agree with Dave’s approval of how the authors “avoid the crude dichotomy of the emotional and the rational that pervades too much management speak”. In branding and marketing, this often manifests as a claimed ability to operate the target market’s “emotional triggers” and bypass rationality – usually in a manner that suggests little real empathy with those being (allegedly) influenced.

(Here are some previous posts here that refer to this book.)

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