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Managing or Coaching?

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Another thought provoking item from the excellent ecustomerserviceworld newletter. It’s well worth subscribing.

Fast Guide: Coach or Manager

So which are you? Twelve clues to help you decide

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Johnnie Moore

links for 2010-10-24

Big Brother’s Big Brother « BuzzMachine Stirring stuff from Jeff Jarvis: "One way or another—by force of through sanity—we are at the dawn of the transparent age. But it’s not

Johnnie Moore


… seems to be breaking out everywhere. First there was Adams and Paisley then Sierra and Locke and now Jarvis and Dell. Whatever next? Will I a co-author a book

Johnnie Moore

Christina at Ricksticks notes

Christina at Ricksticks notes the arrival of a rebranding for Kodak with limited enthusiasm coming as it does on the back of efforts like AT&T. She observes Well, it seems

Johnnie Moore

Not trusting experts

Thomas de Zengotita recommends this book: Expert Political Judgment : How Good is It? How Can We Know? Zengotita writes The answer is shocking at first but makes perfect sense