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Marketing things to believe in?

Can marketing feed our spirit without having to burn up as much of the planet?
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Can marketing be more meaningful?

Transcript of this video:

My friend, the cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, did a cartoon,15 maybe 20 years ago. The caption for which was, I seem to remember, “the market for something to believe in is infinite,” which was very popular at the time.

I really like that cartoon now. But when it first came out, I had rather mixed feelings about it because certainly then marketing was principally about trying to attach great meaning to the selling of material things.

So I could see people looking at this cartoon and thinking, “oh, this is a great way to shift product.”

But what that cartoon points to for me now is something I noticed about the world a while ago, which is we seem to have operated the world recently as if material things are infinite and spiritual connectedness is finite.

We end up consuming a lot of stuff in, in pursuit of an apparently scarce sense of feeling and connection. Whereas I think the opposite’s the case.

Actually, I think our spiritual potential is actually, well, I dunno if it’s infinite, that it’s very high, but our material resources, it is becoming increasingly clear, are finite.

So perhaps Hugh’s cartoon now is a challenge to invert a marketing model, which was about wasting essentially material resources as if beautiful human connectedness is a difficult thing to achieve without them and flipping it, seeking to create more human connectedness at less material expense.


Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

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