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Two interesting new bloggers have arrived. David Maister, professional services guru, has been added to my aggregator. (Spotted by Mark Lloyd.)

Meanwhile McDonalds is having another crack at blogging after getting their fingers burnt doing their Lincoln Fry thing a few months back. This time it’s their head of CSR, Bob Langert, who’s having a go. Shel Israel is currently underwhelmed by the single post. I’d add that I think it’s offputting of Mickey D to put TERMS AND CONDITIONS highlighted in block capitals leading to a less-than-warmhearted legal boilerplate. But let’s keep our fingers crossed. There’s a learning curve for corporates trying this stuff.

I’m sure a lot of them would benefit from Jeff Jarvis’ observations on the ethic of interactivity. What I like about Jeff’s approach is that it’s pragmatic rather than moralistic. For instance, here’s his take on moderation:

Q: Should you moderate interactivity?

A: If you want to. But don’t think that you can tidy up comments any better than you can tidy up the world. People are messy and so’s life. Get used to it.

Yes. As I’ve said before, I try not to write too many rules on how to do blogging… there are always exceptions. For instance, I think comments are great but Seth Godin doesn’t host them and his blog is still a good read. I think figuring out your own style in a practical way is better than relying on a rulebook.


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