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Here’s an email a customer might not normally expect from a company that sells him beer. But this is how Blowfly is playing with the idea of doing an IPO. It’s worth pointing out that anyone who has bought this stuff over the net gets a stake in the business.

‘Afternoon there Johnnie,

Well the time has finally arrived! We are now in a position to consider listing Brewtopia’s Blowfly on a Stock Exchange!

The whole reason for Blowfly beers’ existence is about to become a reality: for you to own fair dinkum listed shares on an Exchange with a real value that can be traded.

In fact, in true Blowfly style, it’s now up to YOU to decide if we do or not!

All we want you to do is to reply to this email and let us know what you want us to do:

HIT ‘REPLY’ and type YAY or NAY in the Body text.

You’ll have until 17th May to respond, when the votes are tallied. That’s it! As always, majority rules.

We’ll let you know by the 19th the result and if its YAY, we’ll also outline the plan of attack, including:

1) How you’ll able to apply to convert your share allocations into real shares

2) The campaign for Brewtopia to position for a listing

3) How Members who have allocations can apply to purchase pre-IPO shares.

P.S There are 2 reasons we are doing this. The first is for compliance and to make good on our promise to convert allocations and the second one is that over the last 2 years we have had many requests from members to invest and we wanted to get the basis of the business right first – which we believe we have now done.

P.P.S I must point out that you will also become part of history. An IPO like this has never been done before EVER in this part of the world, so go on, make history, vote YAY and really Own the Beer You Drink!

Remember: just HIT ‘REPLY’ and YAY or NAY in the body email to count your vote!

Feel free to forward this to anyone you deem worthy, or you can refer them at


Liam Mulhall


Brewtopia Ltd

Personally, I think Blowfly is a bit of serious, kick ass, open source marketing. I’ll overlook the fact that the result looks like a foregone conclusion.

BTW Liam Mulhall is over in London soon and James Cherkoff and I will be organising a Geeks-style dinner with him. Details soon.

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