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It seems that some of my recent posts have stirred up some controversy. I notice I have mixed feelings… sure I like the attention but in some ways being in an echo chamber was easier.

Anyway here are a few links to some interesting posts which are a bit of a pushback to what you may have read here and hereabouts.

Evelyn Rodriguez writes an Open Letter to the Lunatic Fringe of Marketing. That sounds quite harsh at first sight although Evelyn is trying to build bridges. She points to parts of Lovemarks that sound more “Cluetrainy” and suggests the author is trying to start a quiet revolution – by wooing and coaxing. It’s an interesting angle though I don’t find the tone of Lovemarks wooing or coaxing.

She also suggests that maybe we’re giving Lovemarks too much attention. Which I often think is true. Still, I think it’s good that a few people have done a pushback against Lovemarks being cited (by Tom Peters) as the biz book of the half-decade. I also suspect (can’t prove) that a few of us here are only articulating what quite a lot of others are thinking. I don’t think Lovemarks is a as mainstream as Evelyn does.

And yes, Evelyn, maybe it’s time to put my attention elsewhere. Though if others choose to comment or ping me on the subject, I may choose to engage with them.

David Burn asks Lovemarks, Godmarks, What’s the Diff He focuses on Hugh at GapingVoid in particular. I tend to agree with David that brands will always be with us; it’s what we do in the name of branding that matters.

Mark at ForwardMarkets – Marketing is as Marketing Does – says I and others are “trying to eviscerate the status quo in order to have themselves or at least their

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