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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’m back home for the excellent Reboot7 conference in Copenhagen. I’ll probably dump down some of my responses over a few posts here.

First after great talks by Lee Bryant and David Weinberger, I’ve decided to take this tagging business more seriously. Weinberger made an exciting case for tagging as a means for everyone to take part in organising knowledge – instead of leaving classification to a central authority. Lee had some inspiring practical examples of using simple tools to help classify feedback from customers in a way that is friendly to their worldview – and translatable into the more formal taxonomies of eg health authorities. (Here’s Weinberger on Bryant) It all points to more flexible ways for knowledge/ideas to be ordered in ways that suit end users. Sorry if that sounds a bit jargon-laden!

Anyhow, courtesy of a neat plugin from George Hotelling, future posts here will carry technorati tags. Try clicking one to see what happens…

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