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Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

I loved this from Dustin Rivers, via Chris.

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Johnnie Moore

Fingering the Ninjas…

I met Euan Semple for tea yesterday at the slightly bizarre Brunswick Centre in London. Euan talked about the fun he’s having coaxing organisations into social media and it all

Johnnie Moore


Mark sums up a great deal of the material he’s gathered over the years. We really are very poor at changing human behaviour…Much poorer than anyone of us would like

Johnnie Moore

Staring, take 2

Ah maybe the living statues from the Apprentice (see entry below)were trying to emulate bright, happy children. As per Anita Sharpe’s interesting post on Worthwhile. “After finding that about one

Johnnie Moore


Over at the wiki for Reboot, (a great conference planned for June in Copenhagen) they’re inviting participants to say who they’d most like to see at the conference. I’m not