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I went to see Supersize Me tonight. At times funny at times painful, it certainly socks it to the fast food industry. I left feeling quite depressed about the picture it painted of the state of the American diet. And angry at the stupidity and wastefulness inherent in marketing this stuff to us down the years, and I guess at our credulity in buying into it.

Interested to see that McDonalds bought the last advertising slot before the movie to publicise their UK “supersizeme-thedebate” website – catchphrase “a balanced diet, a balanced debate”. Not much of a debate here really, just a smoothly worded rebuttal. For me it lacks the dry humour of Morgan Spurlock. I find it very hard to feel any sympathy for McDonalds after being reminded of their vast investment in promoting junk food to kids for decades. Of course, it would be ludicrous to expect McD’s to have any blogs or genuinely interactive forum for a debate about this.

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