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James and I have penned a new manifesto for Change This: Co-Creation Rules

Regular readers will know that I’m no fan of lists. I’m not renowned for making rules either though you’ll understand we’re being deliberately ambiguous in our title.

Nevertheless, James and thought we’d try and bash out a few ideas that we sometimes use in our work trying to help organisations get their heads round marketing these days. We’ve focussed more on corporates and marketing in this, but the general ideas carry over into over areas too. Here are the opening paras:

We no longer live in a world where people instinctively trust authority. As much social research shows, we’d rather trust our own instincts and the information we learn from our friends. For organisations and brands, this ain’t Kansas anymore. In our social world, it’s better to be talked about by others than to try to out-shout the crowd.

If we have to choose between engagement and control, we prefer engagement. We think that organisations in the future will do well to have the same preference when it comes to dealing with their own people and their customers.

I’ve shamelessly reused a game I described in More Space as part of this, partly in an effort to make this a bit more experiential and less academic.

We might think of this a first draft… and we’d be interested to know how people would change this to make it more useful… You can download it here.

(Thanks to Change This, especially Sally Haldorson, for their support and to John Winsor for some very useful ideas for the content. This mistakes are all ours, of course.)


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