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Oh another nice moment from the IMC conference was running into Bill Tancer. Bill was on a panel I moderated and introduced himself as someone who loved data. And he clearly does.

Which is great. There are plenty of folks who say metrics are important, and many of them sound like bad parents, moralising not enthusing. With Bill, it’s the other way round. He’s the sort of metrics guy you would actually enjoy having on your team. His company keeps a fun blog too. I liked this post by his colleague Heather Hopkins about the world cup search queries revealing the prevailing obessions of England football fans.

Peter Crouch’s rise in UK internet searches is almost entirely due to the England striker’s robotic goal celebration, as seen after his goal against Hungary on 30th May. The top search terms for Peter Crouch are dominated by searches relating to his dance moves, with ‘peter crouch dance’, ‘peter crouch robot’, ‘crouch robot’ and ‘peter crouch robot dance among the top search terms for the striker.

Beckham’s next hairstyle has also piqued interest online. Amid growing speculation into the look that David Beckham will sport in the 2006 World Cup, searches for David Beckham focused on the player’s hair style, with ‘david beckham hairstyles’ and ‘david beckham hair’ among the most popular search terms for the England captain.

As well as being amusing, it does show that there’s a lot of market research insight available for next-to-nothing by simply following internet behaviour.

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