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The limits of wrath

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Interesting post by Alan Singer: The Other Side of the Campaigning Coin.

Alan’s been blogging consistently on the case of Shapelle Corby, an Australian charged with drug smuggling in Indonesia. This has raised enormous hackles in Australia, and a few of them surfaced when I blogged the story a few weeks ago. That post also contains an irate comment from an Indonesian. I checked her blog and realised that this story is experienced very differently in Indonesia. Alan’s new post explores the potential downsides of wrath-laden Australian threats on the issue and reminds readers of some ground rules he chose for the debate – it’s a well-considered piece.

For me, there are important lessons about the value of respect in dialogue and the pitfalls of attempting to coerce rather then explore. Ranting and raging have their place – and it’s good to consider the merits of softer approaches. (Recognising the value of enquiry as well as advocacy is a theme to which I shall return)

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