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My friend Jack Yan sent me this which has been doing the email rounds. At first I felt a bit squeamish reading it, but once I got to the curriculum for Fear State I started laughing out loud.

I’m not, by the way, wearing sandals and chanting as I post this. But I’d enjoy having less of the Fear State curriculum in my life (and other people’s).

Decide what you are a student of.

When people enroll in college or other institutions, they decide what courses they would like to take, assumably because they have interest in the subject. It would not make much sense, to be conducive to learning, to randomly go from class to class each day with no direction or purpose.

Think of your life as a place of education where you have the opportunity to choose between two curriculums: One is taught at Fear State, the other at Love University.

To attend Fear State, the only requirement is for you to believe that you are separate from God and therefore your essence is not love.

To attend Love University, your only requirement is for you to believe there just might be another way to go through life. No matter what you may have done in the past you will never be rejected from Love U. Also, Love University allows transfers from Fear State at any time, no questions asked.

The curricula at the two schools are quite different and lead to very different realities and experiences. Fear State is based on the philosophy of the ego, which teaches that you are alone and separate in a cruel and harsh world. Love University is founded on the truth that all beings are created in love, and that this love is within you now.

Take a look at the courses each offers, and decide where you want to spend your time learning. Note that Fear State describes its courses in a way that might initially sound attractive. Like any relentless recruiter, Fear State tries to sell you by saying that following its path will ultimately make you safe, powerful, and secure. When reading its course offerings, ask yourself if the recruiter might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Fear State Course Offerings:

Fear 101. The Use of Guilt and Judgment:

This course teaches numerous ways to beat oneself and others up about things the student may have done in the past, and about who one believes one is. The premise is that one does this so as not to make further mistakes.

Fear 102. The Use of Blame

This unique course offers the student ways to avoid just about anything. It teaches that if one doesn’t feel peaceful, all one need to do is find what is wrong in the external world and blame it. This course is prerequisite for Fear 105.

Fear 103. The Use of Time:

Students will learn how to dwell on problems and will learn that trust is a foolish thing. In the second part of the course, the student will learn a variety of ways to worry about the future. None of the material teaches about the present, because, to the fearful mind, it is dangerous and uncontrollable.

Fear 104. Desire and Scarcity, the Greatest Motivators

The student will be taught that the more one has and accomplishes, the happier one will be. Emphasis is on the belief that as long as the student wants more, the student will be motivated to achieve. Scarcity will be taught by demonstrating if one gives away what is believed to be important, one will have less.

Fear 105. Control All and Be Safe:

The central teaching of this course is that if one can always be right, one can always be happy. The first part of the course teaches that if one can control others one will achieve great success. The second part shows how to use guilt, intimidation, fear, domination, manipulation, conditional love, and criticism to get what it is that one thinks one wants.

Love University Course Offerings:

Love 101. Acceptance:

This course teaches that the only thing one can really change is one’s own mind. The student is taught to accept what cannot be changed, and change what can be, thereby achieving peace of mind.

Love 102. Forgiveness:

Through seeing no value in holding on to guilt the student discovers the essence of all beings is love. This is the foundation of forgiveness.

Love 103. The Use of Time:

Participants will learn how to discover love by letting go of the past and ceasing to worry about the future. Participants remove all limitations from themselves and others by practicing the core teaching: “Now is the only time there is. This instant is for giving and receiving love.”

Love 104. Abundance:

Participants learn that giving and receiving are one in truth. Through ongoing demonstrations, everyone joyfully learns the important equation that what is most important, love and compassion, increase as we give them away.

Love 105. Service:

Participants learn that the greatest source of joy comes from sharing Love. Through service, students learn that assisting others in loving ways gives purpose and meaning to their existence.

Each minute of every day you are deciding upon what you want to learn. Both Fear State and Love University are possible choices, but only one is worthy of your investment. The more you can consciously turn your back on the loud recruiter of Fear State and walk toward the gentle guidance of Love University, the more you will discover the dividends of joy, happiness, and self-acceptance.

You choose your own curriculum. Do you want to be a student of love or a student of fear?

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