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Dave Pollard has a great podcast he did with Chris Corrigan include a full transcript – for which he gets a lot of kudos from me.

Among the bits I liked are Chris’ thoughts about action. I’d describe them thus: there’s taking action there’s taking wise action, and then there’s making the wise action sustainable. In getting past first base, we need relationship – and that’s where the apparent distinction between task and relationship orientation starts to look like a false dilemma. I love Chris’ definition of sustainability as “a deep relationship with whatever you want to see lasting” which for him means getting selective about whatever has real heart and meaning.

Chris is also eloquent on the subject of Unschooling or life learning as he prefers to call it. When he desribes how he shares StumbleUpon finds with his daughter, I get the picture not of teaching at all, but of a relationship in which each other’s curiosity is constantly nourished, appreciated and shared. Did your schooldays give you that?

I also loved these sentiments

“a well crafted invitation will attract the right people for any endeavour”

Active relationships are based not on role or control but on friendship, trust and shared passion

It ends with Chris wondering if we need to discover that we don’t need leaders. Dave promises another podcast on that one… I’m looking forward to it.


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