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Just a reminder in case you’re interested that I’m on a panel for Blogging: A Real Conversation? next week. Despite my own admittedly flippant description of what I’ll talk about, I think it should be an interesting event. Suw Charman is going to be talking about declining reverence for objectivity, and Adriana Cronin-Lucas is going to talk about breaking the marketers’ toolbox so I may settle for nodding in vigorous agreeement.

I think I might ask what we mean by the notion of authority. Often we see authority as being outside ourselves and one of the ways blogging helps to change that is to support the blogger in being the author (note those syllables) of his or her own experience. By writing a blog, we take the opportunity to express our own experience and arguably acknowledge it more. Perhaps we can value blogs not simply because some popular ones become a rival external authority to mainstream media, but also because the act of writing them is a way for anyone to take some authority of their own. If that’s not too fancy a philosophical point.

Anyway, if you have £60 to spare and want to come along on 28th June, I’ll see you there!

UPDATE: I like the way Paul Goodison riffs on this theme.

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