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CDB Final.jpgMy pal Alan Moore was on the phone last night. Al’s been going through one of his manic working phases beavering into the small hours whilst the rest of us were celebrating Christmas and New Year. He even persuaded his colleague Tomi Ahonen to join him.

The result is a new book Communities Dominate Brands out next month. Here’s Al’s synopsis:

The book explores the problems faced by branding, marketing and advertising facing multiple radical changes in this decade. Communities Dominate Brands discusses how disruptive effects of digitalisation and connectedness introduce threats and opportunities. The authors compellingly illustrate how modern consumers are forming communities and peer-groups to pool their power resulting in a dramatic revolution of how businesses interact with their customers. The book provides practical guidance of how to move from obsolete interruptive advertising to interactive engagement marketing and community based communications, with dozens of real business examples from around the world.

Better put that on the reading list for March!

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