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This KPMG report has prompted some renewed thinking by Headshift, Euan and Jon about the role of consultancy in a world of social media.

Here’s my two cents on Consulting 2.0. The best idea in Steven Covey’s writing is the distinction between one’s “circle of influence” and one’s “circle of concern”. It’s all to easy to have a circle of concern way bigger than one’s actual influence and at a personal level this is a formula for distress.

However, in business, there are big financial rewards for identifying whopping circles of concern and then exaggerating one’s circle of influence: ie here’s a huge problem and we’re have the solution.

Online, it seems to me, that kind of exaggeration is more open to attack. And the joy of social media is the way stuff emerges from accidental interactions instead of being master-planned from on high. But there’s an awful lot of money to be made by affecting the master-planner role….

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