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Thanks to Wayne at Cutting Through for pointing to Darknet: Remixing the Future of Movies, Music and Television . Author JD Lasica is walking his talk. This is a Wiki site where he is writing his new book and inviting us to write/edit it with him. And this book explores “the idea that digital technologies are empowering people to create, reuse and reinvent media.” In his intro, he says

Feel free to dive in and make all the changes you think are warranted. I’ve opened this up as a public wiki, rather than a private space. Feel free to link to this main page from your blog, though I’ll also ask at this early stage that people not excerpt material or dissect any of the material in detail because we’re not at the public discussion point yet.

That’s a tough rule to follow, because what he’s written already cries out to be excerpted. I’ve just read Chapter 1 and loved it. It ranges from a touching anecdote (of how a group of kids in Mississippi remade Raiders of the Lost Ark, on a shoestring) to insightful analsysis of how we are entering a turbulent time when the paradigm of mass-media communication smacks into our innate human desire to tinker, embellish and co-create.

I’d rate this a Must Read. Or I would if I was the sort to dish out instructions. The phenomena Lasica describes reinforce my view that marketing needs to let go of many of its assumptions about how brands are created. Interaction is not about facile web polls and phone-ins..

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