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Emergence and onlyness

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Tim Kastelle has tweeted two great spots recently:

Experimentation is the new planning a Fast Company article contrasting conventional with emergent strategising. I think a lot of managers might find this thought a bit scary:

Let’s be honest: You have no idea what’s going to happen to your industry. That’s why you build your organization into an engine of possibility.

I don’t think hierarchy is really going to help that happen.

This review of what sounds like a good read, 11 rules for creating value in the social era. I thought this idea of “onlyness” was quite appealing:

Our organizations and how we function within and across them is shifting. There is value in being open with your ideas and an understanding your “onlyness” and the “onlyness” of those around you. Onlyness includes the skills, passions, and purpose that only you bring to the situation. There is still benefit to being individually unique, skilled, and motivated… But it is also important that others understand what you bring to the table. Saving an idea until you can reap individual credit may actually mean your idea has less value.

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