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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Christopher Carfi talked about comment feeds on the latest Hobson & Holtz report. And Jackie from Customer Evangelists commented on the fullest feed I do. So I’ve uploaded a couple of text files with the templates I use and quick instructions for doing the same in Movable Type. Typepad Pro users can do this too I think. Comments welcome. (I can’t now remember the blog which guided me through this in the first place, but thanks to whoever it was!)

Comment feed template

Fullest feed template

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Johnnie Moore

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Johnnie Moore

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Johnnie Moore

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Nancy White observes that We learn (when we listen) when we talk. I suspect we all know this is true but we ignore it in a lot of our processes.

Johnnie Moore


I liked this Clint Eastwood anecdote from Shawn Callahan. As an actor Clint found a director’s call to ‘Action’ off putting. He was immediately reminded that he was an actor,