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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

  • " the main point of this book may seem obvious to some readers but if you listen to most management gurus and fancy consulting firms the approach that the authors suggest is actually radically different. The broad sweep of strategy and radical change and big hairy goals is where much of modern management advice focuses yet the finding from this book that it is relentless attention to the little things and the seemingly trivial moments in organizational life that really makes for greatness is not something that most leaders and their advisers get, yet it is the hallmark of our most creative companies like Pixar, Apple, Google, IDEO and the like"

  • "When disturbed, most of us would rather hunker down someplace safe. This attitude kills creativity. Negativity and despair are all around. When you hear them, it’s a great opportunity to creatively engage. Ask a question of possibility. Take a stand for connection in a time of separation."  Yeah.

  • " These days, especially since I've started work on Dodgem Logic, I am becoming fanatically local. I used to be just local in the ordinary inbred sense but these days I'm seeing it more as a political position. A socio-economic position. I was reading something by a futurologist who said that some years ago he'd greatly upset a convention of futurologists by suggesting that politics and economics in the future were more likely to be localized than globalized but this was before the great financial melt down and nowadays people were tending to agree with him more. I think that's where it's going." via @redmedicine

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Jennifer Rice continues our rolling dialogue about what marketing’s job is. I appreciate Jen for keeping a good thoughtful exploration going. David Foster at PhotonCourier


I’ll be taking part in the Chautauqua online discussion of Beyond Branding, from 15th to 29th February. Fellow authors Denzil Meyers, Chris Macrae, Julie Anixter

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Johnnie Moore

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Johnnie Moore

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Johnnie Moore

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My last post here talked about surfing as a metaphor for faciliation/management. Graham Hill left a comment pointing to this from John Hagel: Innovating on the Edge of Big Waves.

Johnnie Moore

Workshop 5th September

I’m looking forward to running my Facilitation for Suprise workshop next month. Those who’ve commited so far sound very enthusiastic which is great and there are still places left. I’m