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Over at Brand Autopsy johnmoore reports

Now a crew of Star Trek evangelists ranging from an urologist to an Elvis Presley impersonator are resurrecting the original series and completing the mission by filming new episodes playing off the original timeline.

An extreme case of customer evangelism… but another clue about the future of marketing – co-creation with customers.

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I linked to this paper on wicked problems the other day and Chris Corrigan commented “there’s a lot in that paper eh?”. Which is true.

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Passion brands bring people together based on common interests and excitements. I’m particularly interested in ones created from the bottom up, as opposed to driven by producers concerned mainly with profit.

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I’ve just had a delightful meeting with Emma Cahill co-founder of publishing house Snowbooks. They describe their approach thus: We publish far fewer titles than


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – and worrying – about collaboration. I think the ability to collaborate effectively is becoming ever more essential

The volatile chemistry of trust

Interesting research from Stanford suggests that exciting brands get more trusted after making mistakes and putting them right whilst more “sincere” brands start with more trust but lose it more easily. Perhaps the sensible interpretation is that second-guessing customers can be a waste of time!

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Johnnie Moore


In my previous post I briefly referenced this transcript of a talk at Harvard by Alfie Kohn: The Deadly Effects of Tougher Standards. I’m a big fan of Kohn and

Johnnie Moore

links for 2010-05-26

Robert Paterson's Weblog: How we got fat Rob unearths a remarkable bit of old propaganda for the fizzy drink business in America. Why Controlling Bosses Have Unproductive Employees – Research

Johnnie Moore

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Loved this from Chris Corrigan: I see it all the time where cultivated and well-raised people stumble in the wild land of chaos and open space. Whether it is the

Johnnie Moore


Another terrific RSA video: Dan Pink on what really motivates us. (I blogged more on this here.) This is the tip of an iceberg of evidence… so you have to