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Stray thought.

I quite like that motto about life not being a rehearsal… but maybe it would be easier if in some ways we saw everything we do as a rehearsal. An experiment. Things we try and we’ll do differently next time if need be. That might allow us to reframe our mistakes less painfully… And no-one is saying you can’t rehearse with all the passion and commitment you might otherwise be saving for the opening night…


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Johnnie Moore


Yesterday the RSA hosted Richard Thaler co-author of Nudge. I found Thaler very engaging and I loved his theme: that we can support a lot of changes in society with

Johnnie Moore

Getting paid…

I wrote about Howard Mann’s ebook the other day and said I liked his “pay fast get paid faster” idea. He’s now posted a few tips to help with the

Johnnie Moore

Wave Rider

I’ve just been reading Harrison Owen’s Wave Rider. He explores the notion that human systems are fundamentally self-organising with some interesting implications for how we view formal organisations. He refers

Johnnie Moore

Evil Twin visits America

I see my evil twin brother Matt is on tour in the US, as follows. If you live in these places, I heartily recommend meeting him. Washington from May 9th