Running from discomfort

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I loved this Slideshare from Rob Archer. It focusses on career paralysis, but if you join around Slide 22 there’s a great presentation on how our brains work – and how they disrupt our clever plans for change.

It reminded me of a good design principle. Apparently in some casinos they control crowds with gadgets that squirt scents about the place, which aren’t concsiously detectable. I try to remember that when confronted with an over-complicated notion of how to get systems to change. We’re clever, but our cleverness often masks the more animal parts of our nature.

I was particularly struck by the bit around slide 70. Whatever we say we value, we usually don’t progress towards it because we run away from discomfort. I immediately related this to the stuff Viv and are doing with Edges of Work – really fun learning happens when we find ways to do the uncomfortable things.

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