The frustrations of consulting… and the need to laugh

Thoughts on the frustrations of consulting to dysfunctional organisations and the need for humility and laughter
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Robert Paterson’s Weblog: The Consultant’s Trial – Do your clients drive you mad? Does the world depress you? Roger Harrison’s View

Thanks Robert for picking up John Husband’s posting. Much of this resonated with me. For example

In the early nineties I was burned out and discouraged with the results of my long career as a consultant. I turned to my autobiography as some people turn to their journals in an attempt to work out the meanings in my life. The work was fueled by th paradox in which I found myself. I was at the peak of my powers as a consultant, but my passions and values were less and less shared by actual and potential clients, It was increasingly difficult to find work that felt worth doing, in the sense of promoting the three values mentioned on the first page of this paper.

I’m not sure what the height of my own powers is (or was) but I have become disillusioned with much of the work I used to do. I form the impression that a great many of my contemporaries share this disillusion and we each try different ways to resolve it. The author of this piece refers to the Monk’s choice and I know that I’m not really up for that degree of solitude; likewise, he emerges from this period of reflection to re-engage with the corporate world on new terms.

In all this, a decent degree of humility is called for. And I was delighted – on another tip from Robert’s blog – to discover Doug Manning’s blog – this bit in particular:

How is it that we get so serious about life? The answer is simple

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