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The mechanistic mentality

Introducing Chris Lawer's blog on the failings of CRM due to a mechanistic mentality
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Chris Lawer has started blogging and today’s entry is worth a read; here’s an extract:

Why do many brands still appear to forget the importance and role of the real relationships that should exist between themselves, consumers and society? Why do we live in a socio-economic vacuum of decaying trust? Why are most brands just wrapped in a surface veneer of humanity and

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Waterfalls and chaos

I linked to this paper on wicked problems the other day and Chris Corrigan commented “there’s a lot in that paper eh?”. Which is true.

Medinge Moments

Just back from another extraordinary gathering at Medinge where the community that has produced Beyond Branding meets each summer. I was planning to keep this

Passion branding

Passion brands bring people together based on common interests and excitements. I’m particularly interested in ones created from the bottom up, as opposed to driven by producers concerned mainly with profit.

The volatile chemistry of trust

Interesting research from Stanford suggests that exciting brands get more trusted after making mistakes and putting them right whilst more “sincere” brands start with more trust but lose it more easily. Perhaps the sensible interpretation is that second-guessing customers can be a waste of time!

What brand are you?

Thanks to Matt Tucker at Smith Associates for telling me about What Brand Are You. It strikes me that lots of companies waste money on

Just Undo It?

The AntiBrand: blackSpot sneakers, a project by Adbusters attacks Nike directly. In doing so they take on what has become one of the great icons

Putting humanity into branding

We live in a world of too much marketing and too much branding. People’s faith in advertising has fallen to new lows as we simply

New Abbey

So the Abbey National is rebranding itself this morning. As I write this entry, they are revealing their new look, their shortened name (just “Abbey”)

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Johnnie Moore

Disrespectful, disruptive innovation

I am not a particular lover of Ryanair and I think of myself as pro-Europe. Nevertheless I throughly enjoyed this video of Michael O’Leary being fabulously irreverent to his hosts

Johnnie Moore

Looking forward to August

Viv has been blogging up a storm this week, in anticipation of the workshop we’re running at the end of August. Staying alive: Too much time in meetings gets spent

Johnnie Moore

Construction works

I’m updgrading the software behind this weblog to Movable Type 3.2. Apologies if normal service is disrupted. UPDATE 12.05: MT3.2 is installed but currently individual entry pages and comments are

Johnnie Moore


Another good post from Alan Moore highlighting several interesting articles. The Guardian’s Aleks Krotoski says With the public in charge, reality rules. A few months ago, I was dumbstruck when