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I’ve been enjoying the Adliterate blog by Richard Huntington lately. I started after meeting him on a conference panel.

I think Richard is far more into branding than I am and he seems much more part of the agency world I have drifted away from in recent years. He actually gets fascinated about how to position brands a subject I can’t stay excited about for too long. And I think he represents a really interesting voice, clearly up-to-speed with the whole user-generated-content, Web 2.0 mullarkey, and still sticking up for the role of agencies and planning.

Plus he gets some good discussions going in his comments.

For instance, I enjoyed the repartee in response to his post on legendary repositionings. which included Tim Hayward‘s comment:

Who managed to reposition PE as the fitness boom?

In his post In may day, we made our own entertainment, he makes the point that we may be going full circle to the time when there was no television and we had more fun creating our own stuff than just absorbing other people’s.

In Pimp my Proposition, he starts to open source planning ideas for various brands. Hey, free planning advice here… I think these out-loud conversations about how brands communicate are part of a trend that is going to change advertising. It’s the sort of thing that undermines the notion of branding as something that can be done to consumers.

I’m also fond of bloggers who are willing to have the occasional unreasonable rant, as he does in Death to the Lemmings. Completely over-the-top, just like my own occasional rants. Makes the person seem more real and interesting, I think.

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