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Chris Locke aka RageBoy, in his guise at Chief Blogging Officer, is serialising his book Gonzo Marketing. Today is Part One: Participating in the Scene

I’ve recently posted my frustrations with business books. Among the many nuggets in here is Chris’ pisstake in similar vein.

I love that he’s posting his book in blog form. His particular style jumps the species barrier brilliantly and is, for me, near genius material. When most authors ramble, it’s just boring. When Chris rambles it’s an art form, and then you realise he’s not really rambling at all. So he earns his place as the fourth (chronological) entrant to my Dr Rave category. Here’s a tiny snippet, but I urge you to read the whole thing. (Rich…! this includes you)

Oh yeah and by the way, Levi-Strauss says bricolage is analogous to the mythical thinking typical of primitive peoples. Savages. You know, the kind of uncivilized barbarians you get in places like Harvard, Borneo, New Guinea and the World Wide Web.[8] So, taking all the above into account (along with a grain of salt and two aspirins), think of this book as playful bricolage involving serious matters. As sampling. As a hip-hop cover of boring old best practices played backwards and burned into a bad-ass MP3 dance remix download.

(Oh and kudos to Tony Goodson for championing Gonzo Marketing and bricolage to me for many months now)

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