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Antony Mayfield seems to be having a tough time blogging lately. First he’s upbraided for typing too loud then (by implication at least) labelled as boring on the BBC.

Well, I’m glad he soldiers on. I liked what he says here about the value of reading blogs that are not about PR and marketing.

My RSS habit started off with mainly reading blogs about PR and marketing, but the real excitement for me has been learning from people’s thinking and innovation in other fields. On my reading list now are blogs by artists, educators, political hacks, economists and business thinkers.

And every time they look at the changes happening in their field it’s a short intellectual hop to apply their insights to my own field. Beats getting stuck in a rut…

I agree. Most of my favourite blogs are not disciplined about their theme. I don’t read many marketing blogs because I find more stimulus elsewhere.

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