The new world of marketing, part 94

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Compare and contrast this

just a friendly mid day reminder never to rent from this man allan gerovitz. rudest. broker. ever. we’ve taken our search to fifth ave in park slope and left this chump behind. chump!

and this:

Fondly called “the maven of rentals”, Allan is known for his incredible dedication to both landlords and customers. Often people say that in real estate, “location” is everything. However Allan believes it is “relationships” that count. When Allan hunts for an apartment for his customers, you can be sure he will look in every corner and miraculously find the perfect place “to call home”. His office is decorated with letters of thanks from all of his satisfied customers. He is very pleased that the majority of his customers are repeat and new referrals.

Two different stories about the same guy. Seth Godin would say two different lies about the same guy.

Neither is definitively true, we’ll have to make our own sense of our own experience here. I would say that while the first is rude but engaging, the second is what Hugh would call Dinosaur Speak: “That rather sociopathic combination of being completely focused on customer benefit and yet completely selfish at the same time”. It’s gushing, a bit grandiose and… well yucky.

(Hat tip: Tom Guarriello)

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