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David Wilcox has a good post reflecting on the mixed consequences of the RSA implementing its own social network. I like what he says about the merits of being upfront about failure rather the gilding the lily.

It’s great that the RSA are working hard to reinvent themselves for the 21st Century and I hope they take on board some of what David suggests for the future.

I was interested in this nugget

Answering the question “Why can’t I start a discussion without starting a project?” It explains that the system is dedicated to project development and says … “You can only start a discussion by connecting it to a project. This way the site will remain action focused.

I’m pretty uncomfortable with this notion that action is something separate from discussion; it smacks of impatience and I’m not sure it creates the kind of space where good ideas can be allowed to evolve at their own pace. More haste less speed.

Or as John Cleese suggests around 3 mins into this Not-Work-Safe clip, no need to stampede…

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