Do less

“We’re so lucky we don’t have to create the brand out of thin air. We just tell the truth and the brand builds itself.” The voice of Thomas Mahon quoted in one of Hugh’s latest posts. He’s talking about how his tailoring business took off through blogging. I think that’s a radical perception of branding […]

Another side to Burger King

I posted the other day about some entertaining post-modern marketing happening to Burger King. All good fun. This video looks at BK through another lens. It compares the compensation culture at BK with that at its part-owners Goldman Sachs. A good reminder of the shadow side of brands. Hat tip: Daily Kos.

Whose brand is it anyway..

Like Nicholson emailed me a link to this interesting case study in user-led branding. The cease-and-desist part gets very postmodern I think. Brandjacking Burger King on Twitter – Lessons Learned @theBKlounge This is Luke’s synopsis which I can’t beat: punter goes on twitter claims to be Burger King, follows and extends BK’s brand ethos, sells […]

Insert your name here

SpotRunner is an online agency selling prefab adverts for $500. You take your pick from a set of standard clips to stitch together your campaign. This Slate video captures it all rather well. I thought the generic political ads were funny – they’re almost a parody they’re that close to the “real thing”. A few […]

Marketing 0.0?

Years ago Alan Moore showed me a brilliant clip of Bill Hicks ripping Marketing a new one. I just found it on YouTube: (Warning: Not Work Safe!) I used this in my first post on a new collaborative blog: Marketing 2.0. In it I wonder if instead of promoting a rebrand of marketing, we actually […]

Blancmange sieving?

I’m probably labouring the metaphor but a further thought on the blancmange leveraging post. I just did one of those online, multiple choice surveys. This one happened to be for United Airlines’ frequent flyer programme, specifically the membership pack they sent me. It was the usual strange experience of trying to convey the reality of […]

Lessons from a spatula

Yesterday I was told a delightful story about the paediatrician and analyst, Donald Winnicott. Winnicott was a pioneer in thinking about how mothers and babies relate and how that affects the child’s development. He talks about a spatula game. He noticed that if a mother placed a spatula near the child, and waited, it was […]

Social banking

Antony Mayfield has an interesting post on specualtion that social banking (things like peer-to-peer lending) could account for 10% of all retail lending in a couple of years. This comes via Jason Gardner, blogging with refreshing honesty from within Lloyds TSB. I like the idea of a banker who does thought experiments like this one: […]