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Rob Paterson has posted a good review of Joe Trippi’s book The Revolution will not be Televised. I’m not a fan of lists but I like most of Trippi’s “7 Inviolable, Irrefutable, Ingenious things your business, or institution or candidate can do in the age of the internet that might keep you from getting your ass kicked but then again might not”, as summarised by Rob:

1. Be first…… The first car company to let people pick the colors, the first beer company to let people design the label, the first candidate to embrace people on the net – the first everything has a head start building a community. Go now

2. Keep it moving. Do not be static. …. Don’t let your website be wallpaper. Your Internet presence should be an organic flowing, daily dialogue with your customers, back and forth. If you aren’t regularly emailing customers, if you aren’t responding to their emails, if you don’t have a blog, if you are not using your website to engage the people…. then you are wasting your time on the Net.

3. Use an authentic voice .. … The Internet is not the place for safe vetted corporate communication…….. Sacrifice some of the slickness of your web site for the real, sometimes messy quality of the best blogs. .. Have real people write real stuff.

4. Tell the truth ….. The internet has an inherent transparency. …. but if you invite people in, you had better be prepared to have them look in the medicine cabinet. So don’t hide anything. Tell them what you want. Don’t manipulate. Put what you want up high. Put it on the first page of your web site at the top of your emails.

5. Build a community …. Create a commons, a town square, a pace where people can come together to talk about their Ford Mustangs or their Kodak cameras. If you are running the Kodak website and you don’t have an online photo gallery for people who buy your digital cameras or an online photo contest … then you should give up now. Because someone is going to do it. Get people involved. This is not top down one to many anymore. The internet is a side to side, upside down, many to many. Use it that way. It’s the dialogue stupid.

6. Cede control ……. Once you let the people in, they are going to want to do more. I know this violates everything they taught you at school but you have to let go of the old command and control style of business. Let the edges blur between customer and company…..

7. Believe again … The days of condescension toward customers and citizens are over. have some faith in the American people again. Democracy is based on the principle that if we give the citizens control over their common future, they will choose the right path. The same is true for consumers.


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