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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Yesterday evening I got to meet Evelyn Rodgriguez of Crossroads Dispatches fame. We knocked back a couple of good beers in the Duke of Cambridge.

We shared our enthusiams for things like The Power of Now, creativity, running (Evelyn more than me) and Improv (more me than Evelyn). We shared a distrust of complicated, how-to self-help manuals and a preference for simple things like sharing direct personal experience.

We also had a good chat about writing a book. Evelyn wants to write one and if her blog is anything to go by, it should be a good one. I also keep saying I want to write one, but this conversation has made me question that. (That’s the great thing about a good conversation, sometimes your ideas change without the other person trying to change you.)

Where I got to was this: What if what I call writer’s block is actually a good clue that I don’t really want to write a book at all? After all, blogging comes fairly easily to me, so perhaps I should keep doing that.

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