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I had a lovely lunch today with Russell “Interesting” Davies. Something he said made me wonder if there was a special word to describe the phenomenon where someone says something which starts to reveal a subtext saying a lot about their world view. Like a subset of irony.

Russell’s instance was a guy who complained that Russell didn’t really have any ideas but was just lucky enough always to be present when good ideas happen.

I come home to find that Jimmy Cherkoff is back from hols with two quite delightful examples from the world of marketing as follows:

From Claire Beale in the Independent

There’s no doubt that for most big brands, advertising’s still the cake. Have you seen the full-length version of Carlsberg’s Old Lions TV ad, featuring the best crusty former footballers playing in a pub team? Check it out on YouTube.

From Naresh Ramchamdani in The Grauniad

There are tech-heads who criticise Google as offering an incoherent ragbag of cobbled-together products. I don’t know if that’s right or not; what I do know is that, sonically, Google joins so nicely to words like “images” and “video” and “maps” and “earth” that its products sound like a family even if they’re not.

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